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As the acceleration of digital transformation, the importance of enterprises’ connection with the cloud is self-evident. Cloud computing provides enterprises with more powerful resource integration methods, management ability, product design and manufacturing ability. In order to provide you with more diversified products and one-stop services, Telstra PBS, as an elite service provider for Huawei Cloud, offers you all Huawei cloud products and cloud consulting services.

Product Features:

Six Advantages of Huawei Cloud

Cutting-edge full-stack full-scene AI

We are able to provide various AI application developers with strong computing power and development platform. We offer affordable, convenient, and secure benefit-all AI, and facilitate the construction of an intelligent world interconnecting everything.

Multidimensional Architecture

It is capable of providing the multidimensional architecture solutions by integrating Kunpeng and Shengteng etc. to meet the multilevel needs of customers. It enables Cloud +AI+5G+IoT to realize a new fission, creating new experience, new applications and new industries, and accelerates the intelligent upgrade of all industries and fields.

Full-stack Hybrid Cloud

Based on rich B2B experience, Huawei’s own digital practice as a large-scale enterprise and their leading solutions, Huawei can provide the government and enterprise customers with a full-stack and smoothly-evolving cloud experience as a helpful partner during their digital transformation

Core,Terminal, Management and Cloud Collaborative Ecology

Bybringing together Kunpeng, the Internet of Things, security, AI, and manyindustrial application partners, Huawei Cloud provides the government andenterprise customers with powerful and diversified consultation, technology,solutions, and service capability support.

Neutral,Safe and Reliable

Huawei Cloud complies with all applicable national and regional security regulations, policies, standards, and certifications. Based on a full-stack innovative security technology and a shared responsibility model, it will provide customers with secure and reliable cloud services.

Global Localized Service Support

Byvirtue of the global layout, Huawei Cloud provides a high-speed and stableglobal cloud connection network much closer to customers’  available coverage zone and localizedservices.


Telstra PBS will always focus on the customers’ needs, and ensure one-on-one service throughout the process. Meanwhile, 7/24 after-sales service hotline (operation and maintenance + customer service) is available with 100% manual assistance. Moreover VIP hotline channel is now open for major customers and various problems can be solved quickly. Once any anomalies are detected, our after-sales service team will take the initiative and contact the customer, confirm the situation and solve the problem as soon as possible, guaranteeing the service quality to maximum level.

* Remarks: Huawei Cloud products is resale product, and the cloud technologies as well as cloud platforms are provided by actual suppliers.